Thursday, April 11, 2013

My first project

Dear Diary,

Professor Burke wants me to take a warm up project to start off with.  His prized student Lucas and post-doc Miles are comparing what Density Functional theory looks like in 1D against the highly accurate DMRG.  The end goal is to find lessons on how to apply DFT in three dimensions with these comparisons.

One project, which seems to be lurking around in pieces on the group server is an investigation with expellium (exponential interaction + jellium) where the regular Coulomb interaction has been replaced by an exponential interaction.  I am to find all the pieces of this project and formulate a paper on it before August.

As a part of a weekly, individual meeting with Professor Burke, I should type up an individual meeting note and send it to him.  I included a sample of my first note in the new person folder on pbe for new students.  It's located inside the Beginner's Guide.

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