Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Movers and Shakers

Dear Diary,

It's another office shuffle!

Aurora and Justin moved up to closer to Kieron for motivation and coffee.  The rest of us are left down here enjoying the wide open office atmosphere.

The moves tend to go like this:  The person at the top of the seniority picks a new desk.  Then the next person moves, etc.  I had to wait until the end to get the desk by the window that Aurora had. Aurora even mentioned that a bird enjoys pecking at the glass if the blinds are open.  So cute!
Better yet, a trap desk is now set for the careless of seat.  Once a new member takes my old seat, and sits in my old desk, they'll be me at the bottom of the seniority!  I'll get to gently deliver the line, "It's a trap!"

Now if I a could get a couch placed where that desk used to be, then all the visitors will have cushy supports for their weary legs.  And I'd have an auxiliary chair when I read things...but no naps, diary!  I don't live that far away and need to get some things done. Or risk that Kieron would catch me napping!

Oh no!  House rules say no couches in small offices!  Instead, a bunch of old computers were placed where I used to be.  Maybe it's a signal to work harder or end up like those my old desk!

PS  The Webmaster updated everyone's contact information.  Yay!

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