Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Gap

Dear Diary,

Remember how I kept crashing the computer cluster so much that I was temporarily blocked from using it?  Well, I've finally figured out why that was happening:  it was physics the whole time!

Turns out that the systems I was looking at are (tinily) gapped, so I was trying to converge something that is really hard to converge!

Now, I'd run the gamut of thinking about what it could be:  my problem, their problem, science broke...but it was physics that prevented me from getting the answer.  Fortunately, we have enough other systems to look at that this doesn't hamper us.  Further fortunate is that I made those systems months ago and was finished with the project for some time!  Kieron would have been so pleased if I'd only known it!  Good thing I started working on something else in the mean time...

Ok, well now that I've finally gotten all my computer privileges back, I don't need the cluster for a bit.  Oops!  Sorry computer administrators and everyone for causing a pain!  It looks like physics can't solve all your problems!

It's very strange to get the end of the physics education and realize that all the important lessons were contained in the great works of art, classic literature, and recess.

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