Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Tao of Being a Burkie

Our group is really weird. The science we do is pretty unique, the way we talk about that science is even more unique, and the methods by which we interact with each other is also quite particular. It's nice; it gives our group a personality.

All of this can be difficult at first to adjust to, but I think that ultimately, being particular lets us be efficient because we all sort of know what to expect when receiving stuff from one another. In this spirit (I think), Kieron has started to roll out his Tao's of the Burke Group. These one page TeX files are a way to catalogue all the particulars of everyday interactions within the group. They include things like how to TeX, how to blog, how to send emails, and how to make pretty plots in mathematica.

I think it'll be tricky at first to populate the BGarch with helpful Taos and that a lot of things will have to be edited and changed but, overall, the idea seems like a solid way of initiating new Burkies and old Burkies alike to our way of doing things.


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