Tuesday, September 6, 2016

And then there were three

Dear Diary,

It was great to hear from Dave about his experience in graduate school and get a reprieve from the blog.  I wish him the best.

It turns out we've had a mass exodus from the group recently.  Raphael is leaving for San Diego, Paul took a job in northern California, and Li is secretly working full time on secret things.  The worst part about all of this is updating the information on the website.  Let's just focus on the alumni section.  Each alternating person has either a white or gray box and these need to be set by hand in our html code.  This is a huge pain if Dave (last name starting with "F") needs to be inserted in the top of the list and all following entries changed.  Sad!

Now we're down to three.  I'll be removed from my one desk Hilton on the ground floor, where the sun never hits that side of the building (keeping it cool in the summer time and refreshingly chill in the "winter"), to the second floor office where air remains unmoved, hot and stuffy.  My beloved white board and I will part, but the Cheshire cat grin of hallway noise will follow.  My only compensation is a larger desk and the ability to retreat to my Fortress of Solitude in another building.  I secretly tried to get two postdocs, my current neighbors, who currently have tiny desks to move into there and prevent this.  They requisitioned another office instead, telling me to try and be happy.

He that commends me to mine own content
Commends me to the thing I cannot get.
 I, to the science, am like a drop of water.
That in the ocean seeks a postdoc, who, failing there to find a fellowship,
Unseen, uninspired, publishes his worth:
So I to find a degree and an escape,
and in that quest, unhappy, lose myself.

I to Spain for a few weeks, as the world turns beneath me.

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