Friday, May 24, 2013

Professor Burke, I presume?


Professor Burke stopped me in the hallway during my meeting with Lucas because he's looking for someone to pretend to be him at functions where he's double booked.

It's sort of like the movie Dave where a guy impersonates the president.

In particular, the department throws tours in the spring so that prospective students can survey the department and avoid making the biggest mistake of their physics careers.  Professor Burke wants someone to present a poster on the research that we're doing.  Thinking back on all the conversations we've had, I'm trying to see if I've been talking to Professor Burke or a body double.  In the future, I'll have to be on my toes about this.  I think one time Aurora sat in for Professor Burke at a group meeting.

He was also dismayed that I got a haircut (due to excessive friz), because I don't look quite like Dr. Who as much anymore, and he wanted a photograph.  I'll have to start using conditioner and grow it out again.  So, I need to start bringing in a jacket, scarf, and the current iteration of my good-looking female side kick with whom I have a strictly platonic adventurship with from time and space to time and space.  I am to leave my TARDIS and daleks at home.

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