Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week 4: Thundercat

In case you don't know, Thundercat is this groovy musician who was featured on Kendrick Lamar's most recent album. I've been listening to Thundercat's new album on repeat while making some tasty plots in mathematica for my project. If you're curious, here's my favorite track by him:
Aaaaanyway,  plots! I had some spectacular tutelage in the art of plot-making back in the fall when Kieron, John, and I published that JCP article. I still use the mathematica code Aurora sent me and it always yields compliments. Being at the point in a project where I'm mashing data and words together in a TeX file feels pretty awesome. Few things are as satisfying as taking a step back and realizing how much stuff you've done over the course of a project.

Dan and I also got an opportunity to present some of our data during a little mid-summer report on Wednesday. The idea was that each group would spend 5 minutes discussing goals and means to achieve those goals before the summer was over. Since we already accomplished some stuff we'd aimed to do by August, we took the presentation as an opportunity to show off some of our results. In spite of being incredibly pressed for time, the talk went pretty well. I really wanted to go into details about the DFT we were doing because we're using the KSDT functional, also known as finite-temperature LDA! It's so cool, but we barely had enough time to talk about our results. I can't wait for the end-of-summer presentation where we'll have time to talk about some of the finer details of the calculations we've run.

Anyway, I should get back to plot-making. Listen to that song I posted. Seriously.


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