Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week 3: Sick

Having a fever in an un-air conditioned house in 90 degree weather is torture.

Worse than that though, the security at LANL is set up so I can't work from home! I'm stuck in bed watching Seinfeld and daydreaming about structure factors and pseudized potentials.

This story of having something get in the way of my research has been a common theme in 2015. All throughout the winter and spring quarters, I really wanted to nudge my little baby research project (which primarily involved writing a 1d Schrodinger equation solver for arbitrary potentials) towards completion, but I'd forgotten all the fortran I learned last summer so progress was slow. Oh yeah, and grad courses are time consuming. And so is teaching.

My project this summer is almost at a milestone. We are almost done running calculations. I figured I'd be done by tomorrow and could finish analyzing all the stuff we have. Now that I've lost a day (maybe two), it seems unlikely that will be the case.

The best part of this frustration though is that it isn't out of fear. I'm not worried that this'll make me fall significantly behind or anything. I'm frustrated because I desperately want to know the conclusion(s) we're going to be making based off of the work we've done. This model I'm working with is so simple, and it's really incredible how good some of our results look.

Instead of writing about science I should probably make more tea and try and take a nap.


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