Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 2: Progress

 Two weeks down already? Really? Huh.

            Time truly does fly when you’re making progress. When we first set off on this project, I gotta say, I was pretty intimidated. Dan (my coworker) had the harder of the two approaches, but my fortran skills were pretty shabby and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to bite into the skeleton code that Charlie gave us. In spite of this, both Dan and I have made serious headway on our respective projects.  And we’re just a fifth of the way through the summer!
            Some of the most instructive moments came from finding bugs in my code.  Though incalculably annoying, bugs are great teaching tools because to fix them, you have to first locate them, then understand what the code is doing, and finally change the code so that it does what you want. Along the way, you often figure out stuff that might be useful down the road. A bug to one code is a clever solution for another.
            As entertaining as my project has been, the real delight of this summer has been the other students. Let’s face facts: sciencey people can be a bit of a drag and aren’t known for their social graces. This group, however, can swing from having nuanced conversation about radiation transport to arguing about which of the grilled cheeses at Smith’s is best (it’s a serious debate [though everyone knows the milano melt is the best]). As fun as the science has been so far, I’m happy to be sharing space with 20+ interesting, multidimensional people.
            On a completely unrelated note, I went to Albuquerque last weekend! It was neat. If you're ever there, check out the Marble Street Brewery. Their DIPA is pretty slammin'. If you need somewhere more quiet to get work done, head to Winning Coffee Co. They make a pretty mean cup of joe and have comfy seats.

I think I've drunk my body weight in americanos already.

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