Friday, June 5, 2015

Week 0: Big Ol' Jet Airliner

Waking up at 5 in the morning is never easy, but it's slightly less painful when you're doing so because you're about to go on a trip.

Maybe trip is an understatement. Starting Monday, I'll be working at Los Alamos National Laboratories. That sentence still feels a bit weird to type. It feels like just yesterday I was advisor-less and just trying to figure out where the hell the pub on campus was. Now I'm a year into graduate school and about to spend the summer away from UCI.

I relish the opportunity to be away from academia for a while. I love teaching and researching, but I'm intrigued by the notion of 9-5 science. I've worked in industry and toiled in academia. It'll be interesting to see what the third option is like. Plus too, I hear Santa Fe has fantastic food.

My project is pretty nifty. I'll be simulating WDM with DFT (something called an averaged atom method) which just so happens to lay perfectly inline with my PhD thesis. Hopefully, running computations will make me a more conscientious theorist. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that people will (hopefully) be using our results some day.

Anywho, blogging in an airport is distracting. Thanks to Dr. Who for writing a bit while I was being inundated with all the flotsam one encounters during their first year of grad school (read as: I was lazy and forgot to do this thing).


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