Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I totally forgot to write last week because I was back in Irvine.

I've returned to UCI and I gotta say, it's nice to be back. As much as I was loving the extracurriculars out in New Mexico, I missed the sort of science we do here. We ask deep, theoretical, fundamental questions about DFT and that was not the sort of thinking/problem solving I was doing out at LANL.

I'm already working on something with Kieron and Aurora, which is really cool. It's nice to be on a project that feels as though it's wandering in uncharted territory. I'm also really engaged with the project because it's a finite-temperature kinda thing; that's the stuff I'm gonna be up to my eyeballs in really soon.

And the finite-temperature stuff looks so cool! The math is really pretty. There's all this groovy stat mech language lying underneath everything and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything ties together.

I'm also finishing up my first-year exam, as well as making a poster for Spain. Both of which are next week.

Hoooooly moly I'm going to be in Europe in like, 11 days.

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