Friday, January 29, 2016

Going Thermal

One of the downsides of not writing frequently is that this entry is going to clash in tone quite a bit with my last update.

Research is going awesome! I finally have a version of my derivation that looks (vaguely almost sorta kinda) presentable and my code for the thermal version of the calculation is up and running. I'm getting pretty plots and things are looking pretty good. I might be able to start testing different response functions soon. Which would be super cool.

I was completely and totally overwhelmed by my project up until a few weeks ago. Something suddenly clicked. I finally saw how all the pieces I was working with fit together and my results started to make sense to me. I'm beginning to even understand what comes next, which is a pretty cool feeling. The ABCs of DFT is also going really well, and one of the most exciting effects of the class has been a general increase in my understanding of many parts of my research, as well as what other people in the group are doing.

On the downside, I shaved my beard off because I was curious and now I look like I'm 12.

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