Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Since the beginning of 2015, I've been the honorary cookie person for the group. My job is to bring tasty treats to the group meetings to compliment the delicious coffee that Kieron makes.

Every so often, we collect money from everyone to pay for the cookies, and our funds are running low. We'll have to get some more cash during the group meeting today. Wanting to make this a smooth process, I dove into the recesses of our old minutes from previous group meetings to find out the rates each person pays ($5 for grad students, $20 for profs etc).

Using my mad UNIX skills, I started grepping around for the word "cookie" and oh me oh my did I find something marvelous. The following is the output I received after typing "grep cookies *.tex" into our minutes subdirectory:

130528.tex:Raphael - group leader - cookies, journal club, toner
130723.tex:Special guest:  Steve White and delicious purple cookies courtesy of Eunji Sim.
130723.tex:Cookie money is to be collected so we can continue to have cookies.  The pricing will remain
130723.tex:Kevin also has to pay but wonders if not eating the cookies means he can get out of it. There is a cookie mandate, however.  The tax collector is Raphael for those who still need to pay. No visitors are charged.
130917.tex:There are no cookies today.  Lucas misses them especially.
130924.tex:Cookies come extra fancy today with only three gourmet cookies per plastic tray.  They disappear quickly.
131015.tex:%Tuesday duties:  calendar, cookies, meetings, emails...
131022.tex:Justin bring cookies!  Stefan joins us!  Everyone has lunch!
131022.tex:I ate a bacon cookie!  It was delicious and it made me delirious!
131112.tex:Many jokes about smart cookies are made.
140121.tex:Li:  Today we have soft cookies.\\
140121.tex:Kieron: it's not a real cookie if it's a soft cookie.
140422.tex:Justin:  Are cookies ever accomplished?\\
140603.tex:The cookies are slightly stale and in low supply.  Raphael was doing so good as temporary group manager.  Was.
140708.tex:Kieron just stole Tony's cookie.  Justin laughed hard -- maybe unreasonably hard. 
140708.tex:Li suggests that in the future Tony licks all his cookies before he sets them down.
140826.tex:with the cookies.  But it was only Peter, Dhonyong, and Attila which was not
140922.tex:Aurora will get cookies.
140923.tex:Aurora will get cookies.
150414.tex:Dave is the new cookie guy because Aurora is set to disappear at some point.
150414.tex:Also, cookies are supplies and he is the supply guy.

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