Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Room Cleaning

Dear Diary,

Everyone went out of town to UCLA (or is that just in a different part of the same town?) for a conference on semi-classics.  Professor Burke sure finds a lot of these conferences to go to!

Since everyone is out of the office, I figured I'd do a little cleaning and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!  I think it's a keyboard!  It's FILTHY!  The keyboard for the mac computer in the corner looks like an orphan boy from the street in 19th century England.  Something must be done post-haste!

Mysteriously, the return key is completely clean.

I unplugged the computer and took it to the bathroom for a soapy, water filled cleaning.  It's now squeaky clean.  So long as I don't plug it back in for a few hours (a day?) it should work perfectly according to several Youtube videos and prior experience.  Now, when we have guests, they should have the vintage clean feel of an immaculate keyboard.  Did I just see it sparkle cleanliness in the fluorescent lights?  I think so!

Unfortunately, I didn't notice this yesterday.  With apologies to Attila and Professor Gross!

[Editor's note: One can also rectify dirty mouse wheels on the Apple computers by unplugging it, dropped some water in the wheel and working the dirt out.]

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