Tuesday, December 3, 2013

In the Double Blind

Dear Diary,

I finally got the data to run after hitting a few snags.  The cluster really does wonders with computing time!  I was able to run about 200 runs overnight by writing shell scripts to automate the submission to the queue.  Before, I'd just run it on my computer and it took about a week or more depending on the system.

From the sampling of data, I took ten sets and sent them to Li to make this quasi-double blind.  He'll take the data and try to reproduce the curve I have made with the whole data set.  We'll see what happens!

Now, I suppose that Li could waltz on into my office with a package of dark chocolate imported from Belgium and suggest that I hand over all the data before I'm supposed to, but there's all this scientific integrity thing. Drat.

Kieron also asked me for a Christmas present.  I am to determine the entire plan for the remainder of my time here.  However short (!).  This should be fun!  I can tell him all about the big plans I have!

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