Tuesday, December 31, 2013

March Meeting Timeslot


I just got confirmation that I registered correctly.  My March Meeting time is at 11:15 am on the Monday of the conference during the DFT extravaganza!

I poured over the email they sent and see everything is in order.  Now, I have to work hard and make sure I can get results before the meeting.  We're trapped on one little snag.  Miles sent me an email over the break saying he was pushing DMRG to infinity and beyond!

I'm pushing everything related to getting over this bump to the top of my list.  Tomorrow, I'm working on that alternative route that Kieron foist upon me.  I estimate that I need to get this thing done before the end of the month since the conference is fast approaching.  Hopefully it goes much faster.  The rest of what I need to do amounts to running some calculations that Lucas defined very well for me.

Ok, it's montage music time!  Happy New Year!

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