Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Print

Dear Diary!

I just saw it!  More rare than a Yetti! More obscure than a Dennis Miller joke!  Less visible than the invisible man!

I just saw the printer's IP address!

Exactly everyone who has passed through this building has wondered what that number is so that they can print from their laptops!  And me being the (sometimes) lone office occupant must answer their questions about what it is with the obligatory, "I don't know."!

But I saw it as I turned it on to restart it from an error!  It flashed up there and now everyone may print!  Hard copies for everyone!  Will anyone believe me?!  Does it even work?!!

But this is totally worthless information in the end for me, personally. I went paperless a while ago...What irony have to have the office with a printer and endless print-iness but nothing to print.  Maybe that's why I'm trusted with it...

I suppose its better than the opposite where all I do all day is print and that's all that matters to me until the apocalypse occurs and I'm left weeping over a broken printer because, while I am the last soul on earth, I'm printerless.

Yay paperless!

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