Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Year, New Jobs

Dear Diary,

Today I took action.  The state of our union will be stronger, more efficient, and able to better our cause for a job change.

I will be relinquishing my secretarial duties during meetings to spend more time increasing my productivity for the group.  I have also passed on the cookie duties to Aurora.

David will take over the material acquisition position for the group since a new ordering system must be learned.  Aurora has done a wonderful job making sure our supplies are un-dwindled and now Dave must prove himself in the same way.  Ok, so he's not in the group, but he can handle it.  Previously I had only bought the same cookies each week which led to unenthusiastic cookie time.  This is the most important duty in the group.  I'm not kidding.  My cookies were a shame that persisted far too long that will be corrected with a new cookie procurement (though the cookies might still be the same each week--for the better!).  No one knows what happens when the perfect meeting meets the worst cookies (though I have bought some bad cookies); a paradox we will never meet with Aurora in charge!

With other duties, I did a disastrous job with the notes.  Rampant misquotes, incorrect facts, and too lengthy minutes.  In a closed trial, I was deemed incompetent by a judge, jury, and executioner of myself.  I have sentenced myself to a well-deserved exile to improve our union.  Justin will close these weaknesses in the notes and provide an accurate historical record for future Burkies.

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