Friday, June 14, 2013

Author order


I had an interesting conversation with Lucas today.  We're moving along with the paper and will soon need to write and submit it.

But what should the author order look like?  Apparently, this depends on the type of physics you are practicing.  Astronomers tend to go alphabetically as do particle physicists.  In condensed matter, the main investigator (Professor Burke) goes last while the guy who did all the menial labor goes first.  That's me!

What we couldn't agree on is who gets the the contact information (a little star indicating who to email with questions).  I was of the opinion that it should be Professor Burke, but Lucas has been giving it to himself.  I have noticed that on other papers that Professor Burke seems to give this to someone else.  I'll have to see when I get the paper written who gets what markings next to their name.

And I'll have to be on my toes if someone emails me about the project!

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