Monday, June 17, 2013


Dear Diary,

I'm taking a small vacation to British Colombia for a break now that the quarter has ended.  I'm looking to recharge my batteries after a taxing quarter but also really want to keep working on the research.  I know that I'll be motivated when I get back and hopefully I can get things done today that I've let slide during the quarter.

Namely, I hope to organize my notes and calculate a few things for Miles and Lucas.

Professor Burke allows three weeks of vacation not including Christmas.  These can not roll over into the next academic year. Luckily, I was prodigious enough to write up all my notes and make some pretty graphs before leaving today, so I won't feel too guilty about taking some of that time now.  I haven't felt like myself recently, so maybe a vacation will help me get into a good researching mode in the summer.

I'll be back when physics is fun again.

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