Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have 1,984 fingers


Very exciting day. I made a calendar that will track all of my working hours, vacation time, and whereabouts.  For classified reasons, Professor Burke would like to know where we are at all times.

I went on to my Google calendar through my UC Irvine email address and created a calendar with all my life's details.

First, I Logged in to Gmail
Then I went to `Calendar'
Clicked on `Settings' (upper right)
Clicked on `Calendar' (again) and `Edit Shared Settings'
Then I added the group emails to the email list

Any vacation time to countries that don't extradite to the US should be added to the calendar (Edward Snowden is in big trouble with his bosses for not doing so!).  I also added my dentist appointment in a week.  The standard nine to five working hours seemed to be a good start, but I want to work up to getting in around 7 and leaving at 6 (or later).

I'm going to go and get lunch right now, but I wrote on the calendar that I'll only take 40 minutes, so I better get going.  Later diary!

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