Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Walter Kohn!

Dear Diary,

We've all been given an assignment to create a one page, journal style article on a tidbit from our research to submit to the Burkely Quarterly.  I have decided to do this on a small project that Lucas has given me.  I don't think it's anything new, but I enjoyed thinking about it.  It will make a nice one page read for the in-group reviewer and a great exercise to practice submitting a paper to an established journal.

I put a template for the assignment in the new person folder on pbe.

Our group meeting today was full of useful information.  Professor Burke got promoted and wants to take us to dinner. John isn't invited since he hasn't paid Kieron back for a breakfast yet.  The new people must wait some time to prove themselves.  Aurora isn't available since she leaves on Friday.  Lucas is gone on Wednesday, and Raphael isn't back yet.  Miles is also leaving soon for the Canadian perimeter. Despite all of this, Professor Burke will be eating dinner tonight.

Miles gave a really good final synopsis of the work that he and Lucas have done so far.  There are a few snags in the code that wants to work out before leaving.

Professor Burke also told us all about Walter Kohn's 90th birthday celebration.  There were a lot of famous physicists there and Professor Burke wants us to pull a big surprise for him and all his friends when he is 90.

Oh, and diary, you're going online.

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