Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ghost Offices

Hi Diary,

Everyone around here seems to have taken an early weekend.

I'm continuing to run some things for the project.  I gave a project description to the group at last Tuesday's meeting and it went well.  I didn't know everything about the project and everybody's questions were helpful in showing me where I need to study further.

At one point, I was asked what Random Phase Approximation is.  I knew where it came from in quantum field theory but not in DFT.  Everybody wanted an explanation of quantum field theory but it didn't go over well.  Especially the part about the mattress.

One important note, diary, is to check in with your supervisor (in my case Lucas) periodically about what you're doing on the project.  Lucas and I had an email exchange where it looked like I'd gotten off track, but it turns out that I was doing exactly what we agreed on.  It's good to know I haven't been wasting too much time.

Oops!  It looks like it's the Fourth of July.  Maybe I'll try to find a spot on the beach so I can see the fireworks.  If it's clear, then all the fireworks from north of Long Beach to San Diego can be seen and it seems like each town down the coast has a display.

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