Thursday, July 11, 2013

Return of the Super Lucas

Dear Diary,

Dr. Lucas came back today!  Just like he said he would!

I gave him a quick review of what I've managed to do over the past few days (graphs, numbers, etc.).  Afterwards, he went onto his computer, fixed the inversions, DMRG, and our local computing cluster during my lunch break with surgical precision.  The project is now way ahead!

About that computer running slowly:  There was some hullabaloo about how slowly the main computing cluster was running this morning. Detective Lucas, Ph. D. did some grade A sleuthing and found the culprit was a Matlab program not running in the queue (always queue!). We identified the original suspect since his digital fingerprints were all over the file (exposed by the 'top' command).  This guy was a former summer member of the group, but his alibi was airtight! As it turns out, it was John the whole time! Yay, Lucas!

Lucas then went over to Ms. Jenny Du with all the souvenir receipts from his trip. One thing to keep in mind if we travel, Diary, is that you can get reimbursed for the miles you drive.  So I'll have to keep a log of that (with receipts!).

Lucas lucked into a neato trick to access a file.  He had a bunch of folders in a directory with only one that had "redo" at the end of it.  He typed cd *redo and it worked!  If the folder isn't unique, then it goes to the first one on the list...Ok, so maybe that's not that interesting.  The way I originally understood the problem and solution was completely thrilling, but I didn't have it right until Lucas helped me out!

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