Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Having a Master's Degree is Beneficial (?)


Ever wonder how to stay in graduate school when there aren't any more classes to take?  Well, I asked and got a good answer today.  One must take research units.  Since Professor Burke is only  listed under the chemistry department's available research units, I should take those.

We also discussed the finer points of having a master's degree and a doctoral degree.  You see, diary, the master's degree in the American graduate lexicon is a fall back degree and there are only certain situations where it is useful.  If you're headed to Germany, it's Tuesday, and it's less than 12 degrees Celsius local temperature, it's not useful to have a master's degree.  If you're headed to Norway, don't have the doctoral degree in hand, and enjoy hot-tubbing, it's useful to have a master's degree.

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