Friday, November 1, 2013

Conference blog (afternoon Day 2)

Dear Diary,

Then we broke out into parallel sessions where each speaker gets 10 minutes of time and two minutes of questions.  I sat through some astronomy presentations given by a student from my undergraduate institution.  He did well.  I also saw some rock solid physics from other places including where I did my Master's.  I don't like transitioning between rooms too frequently because I don't like disrupting the talks, but I left once the jargon got thick.  So, I camped out the material's physics room.

It's my turn to speak!  In retrospect, I probably put too much into the slides and this made me go too fast, but I was on time and expressed the points that I wanted to make.  Unfortunately, I got no questions.  There is a prize for best speaking at this conference, but I'm content to just present good work and see what other people are doing.

I even saw some DFT talks!  I'll have to translate my notes to report back to the group later.  After the parallel sessions, I headed to dinner and got to talk with a lot of professors from CSU Long Beach and CSU Fresno.  A professor from Cal Poly even said hello!

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