Wednesday, November 20, 2013

E tu, Macro?

Dear Diary,

Oh, Lucas!  You left me with an unfinished paper (thank you, sort of).   Normally, I would be thrilled to help you get another publication, but you have so many macros in your Latex documents to make things so much simpler to type up.  I'm from the school of type everything out long hand!

So, I made a new figure and then tried to implement it into the tex file.  You know

\caption{Figures.  It's a figure. \label{fig:itsa}}

but then it didn't compile!  I tried and tried (I even removed the above to see if it worked and it did!) until I removed a different figure and somehow it compiled!  It turns out that one of the macros later on was busted and this mysteriously revealed itself when I added a new figure.

So, there!  Don't use macros!  They only make your life easier!  I should go tell Justin to stop using macros to make changing symbols easier if he wants a switch and just go do everything by hand every time he makes a switch!

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