Thursday, November 14, 2013

Don't pull the eject button!

Dear Diary,

I had to run my first meeting in place of Kieron.  Really, I found it was easy.  I let everyone else do most of the talking.  The group wisdom is usually best here and kept the pressure off me.

We were going over abstracts for the American Physical Society meeting in March.  I put up mine first because I'm the newest, and it went over well!  It only took 45 minutes to iron out the kinks and make sure we broke everything down didactically!  I think everyone else's benefitted from it because it didn't take as long!  I actually think we're going to have a golden set of abstracts for the APS.

Guo is sitting in with us for a few weeks since he's new to the program and pointed out that I didn't add any firm conclusions. I could add a few points to the content; however, I don't have any yet...I'll have to work hard so I'll have something to say in Colorado!  I showed it to Kieron beforehand, and he could only say good things about how broad the abstract is.  Huzzah!

When I finally submitted, I had to cut it even further because the new affiliations for Miles and Lucas (especially Lucas') put me over the limit.  APS gives you a little line that you can't go under, so beware.  I can write as much as I want with you, though, diary!

Oh, Lucas!  I finally fit your dervatives!  Yay!  I'll add them to the paper in an appropriate place.  Don't pull the eject button too soon and submit, Lucas!

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