Friday, February 7, 2014

The great university blackout!

Dear Diary,

The university will be switching some power station generator something-something this weekend and turning off the power to do it.  We've been asked to conserve electricity* presumably by filling the powerless hours with card games lit up by hurricane lamp or going outside (eek!).

Since the computers will be affected, I decided to send an email around to everyone:

"Hi everyone.

Just a reminder before the weekend to turn your computers to avoid consequences from the power outages."

But as Justin points out:

"Why?  I'm pretty sure their spatial orientation has nothing to do with electrical charge."

Well, yes.  It's true that currents are not affected by direction unless something (like a magnetic field) are present.  I suppose this is the part where I try to explain that the Earth's magnetic field is always present (for now!), but it's futile because rotating my computer will not prevent it from turning off.

I think I'll be using the time to have a hard look at myself in the darkened liquid crystal display and see my true self looking back--Fahrenheit 451 style...or go outside and exercise or something.  It's sunny.

*But charge is always conserved!

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