Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Dear Diary,

I finally accepted Kieron's offer of coffee today.  Justin kept saying it was a mean, wholesome cup of joe, so I had to have some at some point.  He wasn't far off.

Kieron actually hesitated before acquiescing.  Apparently, caffeine is addictive. I should be careful, but I drank it slow and avoided a caffeine fit.  The group's drink of choice is definitively coffee and I'm on the tea end of drinks.  It was even a possibly prohibiting factor from joining the group, but I swore I'd come around and have a cup before graduating!

Little does Kieron know (and how could he?  I miscounted when I told him how many cups of coffee I'd ever had!), but I've had coffee from the coffee store of all coffee stores:  Juan Valdez in Colombia, no less!  (Recommended)

Afterward, I washed my cup out and placed it back on the desk...and felt alive for several hours afterward! (Kieron's Coffee: Also Recommended)

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