Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We ride together, we derive together, bad boys for life

Dear Diary,

I had an individual meeting that got very hectic!  At first, I came in at the end of Li's meeting and sat down to wait my turn.  Turns out, they were just getting to my and Li's collaboration.  Li explained some details and just about as I was to being, Justin arrived!

Justin didn't have much, so Kieron and he postponed, giving me more time (not always good!).  So, I went to the board and began discussing a last figure that Lucas and I were making.  Then, who should call but Lucas!

Kieron and Lucas discussed some items over Skype when who should call but John!  He said he missed my voice!  So, Kieron put his tablet and computer facing each other so that John and Lucas could chat for a bit.  Then Kieron wanted Li back up to be there when Kevin arrived.  Kevin didn't arrive, but when Kieron called the office to get Li, an old voicemail from Lucas answered!

Now, I'm used to having chaotic meetings.  They happened with my old advisor all of the time.  Kieron is busy a lot of the time and I'm able to find other things to fill my schedule with if I can't get all of my answers in the individual meeting window.  So, I've turned my attention to matters I can get done and stay productive (including a project that Kieron doesn't even know about yet!).

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