Monday, May 19, 2014

Canada, ho!

 Dear Diary,

Whoa!  What a whirlwind day!  I came in early to find that I'd been rejected from a journal yet again.  As I was clicking send on the response, I got another rejection from the same journal on another article!  Then as I was clicking send on that response, Steve asked me for some information for a grant renewal!

As I was clicking send on that, I got into a summer school for DMRG!  It was a huge last minute thing and I only had 5 hours to complete the registration or that message was going to self-destruct!  So, I bought a plane ticket that was luckily cheap considering this is one week away and matched the private shuttles I'll have to take to get there.  Lucky me, I also had a valid passport and you don't need a special visa to go to Canada.  I also need to make a poster, eek!

So, I submitted all of that and I'm headed to French Canada.  It'll be a nice two week break!

Or WAIT!!  I picked the cheaper registration to save money...and apparently that means you receive a grade from A+ to F!  Oh no!!!

I better set all that computer stuff I've been meaning to run for approximately 4 (plus or minus) people I'm working for!  This is gonna be close!

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