Saturday, May 31, 2014

Vive le Jouvence!

Dear Diary,

I'm here in beautiful French Canada from the epic forest resort: Jouvence.  One could say it has a certain je ne sais quoi about it.  I've been really enjoying cavorting about the woods and breathing in clean air.  It finally stopped raining, too, so the weather's nice and crisp.

I even brought my hiking boots.

Now, there is some physics being presented too...and I'm learning a lot!  But my subconscious is cunning.  My dreams are now in French!*  I don't really understand what they're saying exactly, but maybe by the end of this trip, I'll be fluent!

We also caught some hockey games.  The local team, the Habs, lost in a close one on Thursday.  That was pretty good since they were down 3-1 on Tuesday, won 7-4 and then lost 1-0 in the next game.  C'est la vie!

Hmm...How do I explain to Kieron that I'll be taking French classes when I get back?

*-Without subtitles!

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