Sunday, October 27, 2013

Far West APS Meeting (Part II)

Dear Diary,

I found some fellow second year students who sat through a practice run of my talk.  It only cost me some treats (three pitchers and two baskets of curly fries) when we get together this next Wednesday!

Unfortunately, I did not give my best performance (read: "straight garbalage").  I always find it's difficult giving a presentation the first time because you become responsible for what is coming out of your mouth. But that first time is so necessary; it makes you want to never so poorly again!  Also, the faces of my confused comrades is permanently etched in my memory. Once I started talking, their terrified expressions of confusion gave me the best advice that can be given:  just don't do any of that next time!  I should have played it off as a trick... Happy Halloween!

A lot of my introduction was rushed and I believe that undermined the rest of the content.  Further, my video loaded slowly forcing me over my time (never good!).  That technical difficulty is brutal and must be mastered.

I got some very legitimate, serious questions (ex: "What the hell?!") and a few kudos (ex: "I'm sure the drinks will be great!").  In all, I feel it will very positively affect my performance come this Tuesday (when I present for the group) and Friday (when I present to strangers who super don't know me!) if I iron out the kinks.  It's on my shoulders to make sure it gets better, so I'll double my practice and make sure it makes sense as I sound the words out loud!

I should get back to working on it, diary!  I'll tell you how it goes!

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