Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Far West Regional APS Meeting (Part III)

Dear Diary,

Yikes.  I felt like I did not do my best presentation during the group meeting.  I succeeded in getting nervous throughout the first third of the presentation.  Hopefully, that's the end of being nervous.

The group had really good suggestions.  I need to express in plain language the intent of my talk right at the beginning instead of implying it.  People had trouble knowing what to expect.  If given a scaffold at the beginning, diary, the audience will be able to build the presentation with you during the talk.

And I spent all week on preparing for the conference (as well as other minor duties)!  It's tough work preparing and I want to make sure everything is in order...well, without spending months on it.  I better get moving on everything once I get back, and I need to remember to take some conference notes, report on what I see, and talk to three professors.

Oh no, Lucas!  I told Lucas I couldn't get the derivatives fit this week like he wanted but that didn't happen!  He moved off to a post-doc taking his expertise with him.  Worst of all, now when I have a meeting with Kieron, I don't have my Lucas crutch! Yikes!

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