Monday, October 7, 2013

More 1984

Dear Diary,

I'm back!  I have to get going on all my chores, research, and ABC of DFT duties.  Professor Burke asked me to set up a dropbox system on the university's EEE online websharing something something.

To do this, I logged onto EEE, saw that the boss had added me as an administrator and got to work.  To make a drop box, you just need to

1)  click on the course you're administrating under 'MyEEE'
2)  click on 'Dropbox'
3)  since we wanted one dropbox for each assignment, I clicked 'create a new dropbox' and followed the instructions

I even made three groups for each subsection:  Weenie DFT (the first few chapters of the ABCs), Tweenie DFT (the next few chapters of DFT...and Twilight fanfiction?!), and Advanced DFT (hard-core, 1999 mode physics).  I'm in the first two because I wanted to review the first few chapters from this last spring.  Now that I've got my feet wet, it might be good to take a fresh look at everything.  Li is joining me too, and Justin is teaching.

After adding everyone into groups, I apportioned the dropboxes and set a Wednesday (Tweenie)/Thursday (Weenie, Advanced) at 7am deadline. Students can upload their assignments by logging onto EEE after clicking on 'Dropbox.'  It should show right up with an intimidating message about the due date!

For now, I'll let students upload late homeworks but they'll be marked late.  They thought of everything--even shame!  The instructors (Justin, Raphael, and Professor Burke) can modify that if they want...well, except for me.  I couldn't simultaneously be an administrator and add myself as a student, so apparently mixing those roles together makes me a tyrannical hypocrite.  It appears our computer software is forcing me to make a power grab!

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