Friday, January 10, 2014

Double-Double Blindness!

Dear Diary,

Kieron enjoyed things that are double blind so much, that I thought I'd give him another one:

A double-double blind test!

Miles and I and trying to fit a particularly pesky correlation funcational.  Miles went very high tech and programmed infinite DMRG.  One wonders how it finished!

Meanwhile, I've been lazing around all winter break and writing a fellowship (more on that later).  So lazy!  I found the paper but haven't even looked at what Kieron wanted me to look at (a way to find one of the coefficients exactly), and my Bethe Ansatz calculation is only started (and I'll probably need to review because I started it before the break).

Needless to say, Miles got done first but the results weren't a nail in the coffin.  I put together an summary document that shows why, but I'm not sending it to Kieron right away.  I want to see if I can do a calculation or two before my individual meeting and provide the way forward!  It wouldn't be completely useful to him right now anyway...he's reviewing my fellowship stuff, a paper I gave him, and teaching a class! If I was unsure about what to do and wasn't busy, then I'd show it to him, but since I haven't done what he asked, I'll see if I can put together a complete story by the time individual meetings roll around.

But here's the catch, diary!  I'm not going to let Miles send me the data he has...I have to calculate it on my own and hope it matches (the first blind!)!  Then, Kieron won't have seen what we have done at all (the second blind!) until I can get a firmer result!

Physics is totally blind!

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