Monday, January 6, 2014

You're as cold as ice!

Dear Diary!

Lots of my astronomy brothers and sisters got stuck in transit to the American Astronomical Society meeting because the weather is as Cold as Ice!  One such anonymous removed-acquaintance has had their flight delayed 3 times!

What's weird is that the American Astrological Society has no explanation for this either!  Mercury is not in retrograde!  As an optical illusion, the planets occasionally travel the opposite direction along the ecliptic, and when Mercury does this, communication is inhibited as are travel plans!

Something else must be afoot...On Burke Blog Plus, we're having a ruthless discussion about the need or not need for travel insurance. But you only get access if you're cool enough (former, current students or the chillest of bros...those as Cold as Ice!) and beg Kieron for an invitation!

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