Monday, January 20, 2014

Mucho Macho Pruebas!

Dear Diary,

The cluster has been humming with my calculations recently.  I'm preparing lots of data for Li.    I've spent a lot of time debugging how I was making all 2000 points for him and found one key error:  the number of spaces between four fingers is three (not four).  Basically, I set up my code to automatically generate the program files somewhat strangely.

Anyway, now I'm pumping out the correct data and will send it to Li as it comes out.  The cluster really makes it slick to calculate large data like this and I can't even imagine doing it on my personal machine.  I can basically run things overnight!

I have noticed that copying the scripts to set up all of the programs is really quick with Unix to boot. So, giving them more data shouldn't be a problem if it comes to that.

Now, Kieron asked us to run a "macho test" and I haven't quite looked into that yet.  Hopefully, I can see if something is located in previous papers, so I'll go take a peak now.

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