Monday, July 14, 2014

Back in the Saddle again

Dear Diary,

It's great to be back!  I really mean it this time!  Physicists have a long tradition of getting outdoors and coming back for great physics.  Robert Oppenheimer, leader of the team that made the nuclear bomb, loved horseback riding and took physicists up to his cabin in the woods for some rest and relaxation.  He also made sure there were many (epic? lame?) parties while everyone was working on the Manhattan project.  What a guy!

This last week, I went on a camping trip with a physicist whom I actually did a lot of productive thinking with in terms of physics (and ideas!), but we also had one other person who completely ruined the whole thing.  I may feel the need to refer to this person again in the future as SCARY.

I suppose the less on here is to only take people who have a vested interest in getting out of the woods in one piece on a camping trip.  Further, we came up with an idea that I could implement as soon as I know DMRG!  How exciting!  I better get to it!

It does look like I was more productive while I was away, though.  The paper I'm on with Lucas, Miles, Steve, and Kieron got published an editor's choice (see the publications page on!).  Wow!  I must say the review process on this paper was leaps and bounds easier than any paper I've ever submitted!  We didn't even need to appeal any decisions!  I also resubmitted another paper, got some data for Attila, and now have to figure out a new Kuali purchase order form (whatever the hell that is).  So, while I should have spent extra time here, I guess I didn't get too far behind.

But time to get moving!

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