Friday, July 25, 2014

The Longest Yard

Dear Diary,

Can I brag?  I feel like bragging.  One should always celebrate for a few minutes before getting back to work after getting good news.  It only took one year and three journals but now my paper is accepted.  It was slightly less time than my first paper which took one year at the same journal.

It's a relief to finally have that on the books and to submit the rest!  Let's see...Kieron is aching for three papers that I need to learn a big computer code to do the next step, I've made data for secondary authoring on two more, and I have three more papers written from my Master's degree.  Man I'd like to be able to do what Kieron wants me to do.

Hmm...seems exactly the same as last year.  Oh, boy!  If I get all of those done, I can do the other things we've been talking about and that I've been dreaming up!


[Editor's note:  It is also necessary to go outside and walk around every once in a while...and eat.]

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