Sunday, July 20, 2014

IPAM Today, IPAM Tomorrow

Dear Diary,

I've received a wonderful opportunity to come and learn from some of the DFT greats here at the Insitute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) at UCLA.  It really is a great opportunity to meet some of the people whose papers I read and hopefully not mess up too badly in front of them!

Before coming here, I noticed that Lucas sure seems to be popular.  The nice graduate student in charge of putting together all of our poster teases says hi to Lucas!*  But Lucas didn't know he was that popular at IPAM!  Now, there is an identical Lucas running around out there (the original Lucas) whose papers we often misattribute to our own Lucas.  But I've learned not to doubt Lucas' charisma, charm, and popularity!

Everything starts tomorrow, so we're to be up at 8am for breakfast.  But they haven't announced a menu.  IPAMcakes?

*-see the post from a few days ago.

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