Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Dear Diary,

I once thought Irvine used a lot of water to keep its lawns green. Then a water main at UCLA broke today.

We're stuck in the conference room on the other side of campus learning (mainly the news coverage). At some point, we will have to make our way back to the dorms. We have the option of either fording the river, caulking the wagon, or using the oxen to pull it across. And we'll still have to pan for gold once we get there.

Man, what weird week for California. There have been ten water main breaks (by a quick Google news search) in the last two weeks and a rogue lightning strike struck the beach just down from some people going to the conference who were at the beach. All of them are fine, but not everyone is so lucky. Here's to being safe with this flood!

Justin is at SpaceX right now. I assume his escape plan will involve a large rocket and a space suit, so I'll just keep my thoughts on my situation.

[Editor's note: Emergency personnel tell us going into the water is an electrocution risk.]

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