Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fancy pants

Dear Diary,

I have had the pleasure of attending a reception by the ARCS foundation.  Boy was it lovely!  I got to chat with a whole bunch of people and hear about all the cool stuff going on.  I have to admit, after hearing the speaker speak and chatting with a few other people, I'm super motivated to do good science.  In fact, it made me question whether my science was any good in the face of such powerful and life altering work!  I have to do better!

In addition to meeting some lovely people, my sartorial choices were a hit.  I went plain with a white shirt and skinny black tie in my new dress shoes.  I would have given myself "best dressed," but there were a lot of other well dressed people there, I must say.  I did get the obligatory, "You clean up nicely" which made me rethink my daily attire.  I'll have to make sure to get fancier on a daily basis!

I also got to meet other winners from last year and this year.  What a treat!  Some great people to meet!

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