Thursday, October 2, 2014

Insult to Living

Dear Diary,

Not one day after my roommate leaves (lucky guy), the fire drill occurs.  I think my last roommate also pulled the same trick.  Now, recall last year that I simply packed my bags and walked into work.  No so this year, there is a new $500 fine for doing that.  I even woke up at a comfortable 8am and wanted to take the morning slow (because I work so hard for this university on a daily basis; I need my free time to relax--there, I said it--sue me).

The utter mystery is that less than a week ago, they had a planned fire alarm that doesn't satisfy some state law to have an anonymous one.  So, I naturally spent more time away from home to avoid that first one.  Maybe these are good for the undergraduates who seem to set off their fire alarms about every ten minutes around dinner and lunch times by (I assume) leaving their stoves on.

There is something noisy that occurs every morning from garbage pickup to lawn mowing (you know, the lawns they over water during this drought) to people playing basketball until midnight...

...oh!  The alarms are going off again!  Are they playing a joke?!  Is their system faulty??

Once you're unceremoniously ushered from your apartment with threats of fines and more loud noise, you sign in (and if you're feeling sassy, act sassy to the poor people signing you in), and then you are given a donut.  Yes, a donut!  The healthiest of the American breakfast!  I declined.

I'm going swimming.

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