Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Nine Deadly Attributes

Dear Diary,

Today we all got evaluated based on the latest new evaluation system:
  1. reliability
  2. conceptual
  3. little calculations
  4. big calculations
  5. analytics
  6. reading
  7. presentation
  8. writing
  9. social functions
These are Kieron's points for success and are graded based out of one point (half credit allowed).  Six points and you're respectable.  Go backward in any year and you might consider new employment.

I did not come out so favorably in this one.   Kieron delivered my utterly contemptable score (perhaps a group low...which was about the number of people asking me for things divided by 3) and then said, "You're doing fine."  In between trying to explain my side of the story...ok, well, I abandoned that fairly quickly.  Maybe I'll just resign myself to taking the advice or being a terrible student.

Coincidentally, NPR ran a story today saying that employee evaluations were bad for working productivity and morale.  That has been my big problem recently but things like this seem to keep finding me.  The lessons I took away from today were to focus more on the things I should be doing.  Perhaps I should relinquish more administrative control, stop saying yes to endless administrative tasks, and give up this pesky blog.   Find more solitary time.

But that would only get me 4.5 points--yikes.

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