Monday, October 20, 2014

Jury Summoned Again

Dear Diary,

I got a second jury summons since April in the mail.  It's just the sort of response I'd expect from Orange County for following the rules (aka 'You did exactly what we told you, now let's see if it can be done again!'). It's exactly the same response I've come to expect from pollsters!

Fortunately, I saved the 'get out of jury duty free' card they gave me which is good up to one year.  See, last we left the story, I wrote in asking them not to send me to jury duty because I can't really get to the court house (I plead the 5th on how I actually got there!).  There aren't any buses that run that early and I don't have a car.  In order to actually get there, I'd have to camp like a Star Wars fan waiting for front row tickets...and I'd probably get a ticket for doing so!  So, I sent in a letter, heard nothing back, went to court all fancy and dressed up, and then I came back and found that they'd send me a letter three days later saying I could postpone until December.

For the first few months, I thought they were joking.  But the law never chuckles and here comes December.  Now I'm worried that if I contest it, they'll just postpone the service again for next June and September 2016 (that'll teach me!).  But if they keep postponing, maybe there is a way out.  I could jury dodge to Canada!  See, down here I stick out like a sore thumb for actually doing things I'm told to do.  Up there, everyone is so nice I'd actually fit in.  Yukon, ho!

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