Wednesday, October 1, 2014

More than you can chew

Dear Diary,

Aha!  So this fellowship I won does have strings!  I was foolish to think otherwise!  But truly, this is exactly the type of thing I needed.

These are the strings you hope for.  Would Pinocchio be such a goodie two-shoes if he wasn't controlled by Geppeto maniacally for the first third of the movie?  Never!  It turns out here that the money I receive must be used for "things that help get me my Ph.D."  That's it!  The possibilities are endless because I have a long leash on this one!

Some brief examples that were told to me by my excellent contact were that I should put the money towards conferences and publication fees among other things.  Secretly, it costs a lot of money to put articles in journals, but this means I won't need to beg for money to do it!  I even have a few side projects with good friends who are probably jumping up in the air right now that I'll be footing the bill.  I accidentally made the mistake of telling one of them not to work too fast on one project--how will I tell them we need to publish while I still have funds?!  In fairness, I also need to do a few things on that and others.

The real winner here are Kieron, Steve, and the grants they have.  They won't have to pay as much for me; I will!  They just don't know it yet!  I think its exactly the kind of news Kieron and Steve are waiting for from me:  I'm cheap!

In other news, I should get to work on other news that Kieron and Steve will definitely enjoy.  I need to produce a paper!

...and what's this?  Miles and Kieron have sent me conferences to apply to?!  Wowie!  Heartfelt thanks ARCS!!

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