Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's my time to shine!

Dear Diary,

Kieron has deputized me in the quest to put out a paper by the end of the month.  It is to be my top priority.  But, as they say, first is the worst--second is the best--and third (in my priority list this would be working on a separate paper) is the one in a polka dot dress.

My first task was to set up the appropriate folders for the draft.  This involved finding all the references Lucas had put into the paper...all 86 of them!  So, I went through each of the references, found their pdfs and then renamed them all to the classic Burke short-hand.

The last letters of each author (up to four) appear in capital letters followed by the year.  If two such papers are named identically, the second earns a "b" at the end of it (and so on through the alphabet if there are more).

As an example, if Drs. Who and Hyde appear on a paper from 1901, then the shorthand would be WH01.  As a further example, for hyphenated names where you could have two possible choices, you only retain one of the letters.  So, for Gori-Giorgi, you obviously take the "G".

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