Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Meeting: Tuesday

Dear Diary,

Tuesday rolls around and we take the slow way in by walking again.  I used to have a reliable walk into work and this reminds me of it.  Maybe I should start walking more...

The sessions for DFT started a bit late, but that gave me time enough to find a professor I ran into at the proximity effect session yesterday.  We went to get lunch and had a really good chat about some ideas.  I think my former advisor is well suited to calculate what needs to be done, so I'll forward my ideas that way.

Right now, I need to get back and speak with people about DFT and learn as much as possible.

In watching the talks, I noticed that my ABC of DFT is really coming in handy.  Really all these functionals make educated guesses about what modifications need to be made on existing exchange-correlation functionals.  I'm glad I'm finally getting it!

I ran into a few more alumni:  Neepa, Peter, Attila, Adam, Rudy, and a few of their students.  Normally, I just interact with them through looking at their alumni profiles, so this is a real treat!

The amount of Burke alumni make it seem like the Chronicles of Narnia where all the previous heroes from previous adventures come back to fight evil!

But there's not a terrible amount of evil (that I've seen at this conference yet).  I look forward to meeting everyone.

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